[TESTIMONIALS] A five-minute kiss

Reviewed by Sharonica Logic on Goodreads.


I actually found this author through one of my blogging connections. I don’t remember how I made the connection, but I am glad I did. When she offered an ARC of “Five Minute Kiss,” it was a no brainer for me, because I always want to support the MM Romance genre and their authors.

This lil novie was a bittersweet coming of age romance about first loves and all the angst one goes through with the pressures of adolescence. Bullying, hormones, social status, coming out to parents, fighting for a better future for oneself are only some of the struggles our young MC, Liam, battles daily.

The Story had a bit of a dystopian vibe to it with a distinct difference in Uptown and Downtown. Uptown seemed to hold the best of everything from education to the best jobs. Downtown was gritty and slum-like and the people who lived there often traveled to Uptown for even the most menial jobs. Even the currency was different between the two districts.

I enjoyed Liam’s story, and plan to look into what happened with Dan next.

I read a complimentary Advanced Reader Copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving an honest and unbiased review. 💋a lot of heart, I recommend this book.

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