[TESTIMONIALS] A five-minute kiss

Reviewed by Becca on Goodreads and for Love Bytes Reviews.

Possible triggers: mega mega bullying and homophobia

Since middle school, Liam has been constantly bullied, and his main bully is Peter. Once again, Peter has bullied him and he escapes to the library to get away from it all. When he sees a beautiful 4th year in his normal seat. To try to make the guy move, he sits across from him, but all he does is distract himself. Dan is too gorgeous to look at. Over the next few days, Dan comes to his rescue, especially when one kid almost kills him over something that Peter’s stupid friends set him up over. But it all blows to a head one day when Liam is sad in the bathroom, knowing it’s hard to be without Dan. He’s fallen so hard for him. He doesn’t know a lot about his life, but he knows he technically has a boyfriend. But Liam can’t seem to care. His life is happier with Dan in it, even when Peter tries to take that away. When Peter follows Liam into the bathroom, Liam has had enough and confronts him. But Peter ends up hurting Liam enough he needed to go to the hospital. And Dan’s threat to kill Peter if he touches him again. But things are changing more between Dan and Liam. Liam knows he’s going to be going to Uptown for college and wants to enjoy what time with Dan he has left, knowing Dan’s not coming with him. But he’s so in love with Dan, how will he get over him? It started with a five-minute kiss….will it end that way too?

My heart broke for Liam so bad in this book. The constant bullying every single day he has had to endure. Just because he’s smart, or gay, or short, or had red hair…or heaven forbid, he breathed wrong that day. Dan became his single moment of happiness everyday. And I don’t blame him for falling in love so fast. He finally had someone who made him feel cherished and loved. Even if Dan didn’t completely feel the same, he was still gentle with him and loving. He made Liam feel like never before. He gave Liam the best of his firsts. But there’s a surprise twist in here. It breaks my heart at first, because all Liam has had to endure. But it turns out to be a good thing in the end.

It’s a really good YA. Sometimes it’s fun to go back and remember how it was when we were younger. Sometimes, it’s not. But thankfully, this one has a happy ending. Just one you will never see coming.

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