Back in the rain series

How can I go back, after all I’ve done?

Back in the rain is a New Adult MM Mystery novel.

A dark story about Drew and Dan; two young men that, getting close to the terrible truth behind a murder, find hope in a relationship that could either save them, or destroy them completely.

Book 1 in the Back in the rain series

Back in the rain book cover
A five-minute kiss book cover

You want a five-minute kiss? You’re demanding

A five-minute kiss is a MM coming of age novella.

A sweet story about 16-year-old Liam falling in love for the first time and his relationship with Dan, 18-year-old with secrets and a dark past.

Book 2 in the Back in the rain series, prequel to Back in the rain

How can you say you’re my weakness when every time I look at you, I feel invincible?

The road home is a MM New Adult novel with mystery elements.

The story of how Harry gets out of an abusive releationship and gains back his will to live and his freedom, rediscovering love with Bill in a frenemies-to-friends-to-lovers.

Book 3 in the Back in the rain series

The road home book cover

[TESTIMONIALS] Back in the rain

Reviewed by D.P. Haka on Goodreads. I started reading this book with very small idea on what was to come. I only knew that it has mystery, it’s dark, and it has MM romance. Imagine my full-blown surprise as I got deeper & deeper into this story! What started out as a simple mystery turned…

[TESTIMONIALS] Back in the rain

Reviewed by Daria M Paus on Goodreads. Loved it! Back in the Rain was an emotional roller coaster! It held my interest from the beginning to the end. I was on the edge of my seat, waiting for new twists and turns, and there’re many of those—a few of which I didn’t see coming. I…

[TESTIMONIALS] The road home

Reviewed by Sharonica Logic on Goodreads. MMy Thoughts and Review:Harry’s story isn’t a happy one. However, it shows the strength and tenacity of the human spirit to stand tall and proud, even when life and people deal out one blow after another. The Road Home is split into two acts, with the first being all…

The road home

Harry is living in a toxic relationship of two years that is slowly consuming him and mining his self-esteem. As he tries to put the pieces of his life back together and find the courage to move on, he reconnects with Bill, his best friend’s ex-boyfriend.The two of them will soon find themselves facing the…

[TESTIMONIALS] The road home

Reviewed by Becca on Goodreads and for Love Bytes Reviews. Please do not ignore the trigger warnings. The drugs are date rape drugs and there is also an abusive relationship. Severe beatings and such take place. So please be careful. I’ve loved this series. They’ve all hit me hard on some level and I think…

[TESTIMONIALS] The road home

Reviewed by Natosha Wilson on Goodreads. As always I am so completely blown away with a book in this series. Elen Chase wrote all three books in a way that has made me fall in love with the main characters. Also with each new books, it has tied together the characters from the previous ones…

[TESTIMONIALS] The road home

Reviewed by Jennifer on Goodreads. I didn’t want to put down this book! I have read the other Back in the Rain books and this was my favorite in the trilogy!!! I originally did not like Bill in Back in the Rain (I was siding with Drew), but getting to know him in The Road…

[TESTIMONIALS] Back in the rain

Reviewed by Jennifer on Goodreads. After reading Chase’s coming of age M/M novel A Five Minute Kiss, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Back in the Rain to learn more about brooding hero Dan. A troubled young soul, Dan is like the James Dean/Dylan McKay figure – mysterious, alluring and dark, but with…