About Elen Chase

🌸I’m an Italian author of LGBT+ New Adult fiction, and so far I’ve written 6 books (the 7th is on the way). I love romance with an edge and complex characters with a tormented past. My books make people cry, but the HEA is guaranteed because the world needs more queer joy!

🌸My most popular works are the books in my Italian Romance series, a series of interconnected standalones set in my home country. While I began my author career reading and writing mostly MM fiction, my goal is to keep diversifying my queer stories both as a reader and a writer. The series so far includes gay, pan, bi, ace, nonbinary rep. And a saffic story is lingering in the back of my mind…

🌸I published my first book, Back in the rain, in 2018. It’s a story I still very much love, but the book -as well as the entire series- is currently unlisted from all retailers as I rewrite it. Readers can however read it weekly on my Ko-Fi. I post one chapter every Thursday!

🌸 Mental health themes are interwoven in the plot of all my books and they are NEVER a plot device. I suffer from anxiety and it’s important to me to show all readers that they are not alone no matter how hard things can get.

🌸 I’m an introvert and I find it really hard to connect with strangers, also on social media. Maybe that’s why I’m so bad at marketing! My books don’t make me any money and so far, I’ve only been able to publish my works thanks to my day job. Any support is much appreciated. You can find the links to my books on each book page, and you can buy me a cappuccino on Ko-Fi for supporters-exclusive content.

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