BirdSong book review

Book review of BirdSong by Jennifer Brasington-Crowley:

This book is sex, drugs and rock n roll, and so much more than that!

Robin is a broken boy. All he knows is abuse and neglect and he uses drugs and alcohol as a coping strategy for dealing with depression. Despite being a complete mess, he’s still innocent and na├»ve and he draws people to him.

As I was reading this book, I found myself caring for him, too. I found myself hoping he’d learn to forgive himself and be okay with the mistakes he made, because he’s so much more than he thinks; Under layers of addiction, Raven (this is the new name Robin chooses for himself when he decides to start a new life) is a talented musician, a honest friend, a passionate lover and a loving brother.

His life is a turmoil of emotions, uncertainties and chaos, but also hope, love and salvation.

The author did an amazing job in mixing all these elements in a beautifully crafted book that will suck you in and not let you go.


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