Italian Romance series

this is a contemporary romance series set in an alternate world where the COVID-19 pandemic and recent global events have not taken place.

I think you were born to love, and you do it beautifully

When we were sea and stars is a captivating summer love story set in South Italy, in which American James falls in love with his handsome Italian neighbor Roberto.

gay rep
small town romance
summer romance
small age gap
healing from trauma

For the first time in forever I was okay, and it wasn’t a lie

When we were fire on fire is a second chance holiday romance between Francesco and Eric. Their meeting brings to the surface old demons as well as the most tender feelings they still have for each other.

gay rep
second chance romance
holiday romance
mental health focus
anxiety/depression rep

Your heart deserves to be treated as gently as everybody else’s

When we were out of the ordinary is an enemies/rivals to lovers romance focused on respect, acceptance and love in all its shapes. Meet Kim and Alessandro as they begin a new chapter in life.

asexual rep
pansexual rep
only one bed

found family

You are the one thing in my life right now that makes sense

Marco finally takes the stage as main character after 3 books in a supporting role, in a queer Romeo & Juliet with a happy ending.

bisexual rep
nonbinary rep
forbidden romance
family drama
from two people who can’t be friends, to two people who can’t be just friends

Spring has come

Spring has come and I couldn’t be happier about it! How is everyone? I haven’t posted here in a lifetime and I’ve missed this blog. If you are subscribed to my newsletter, you also know why, and I’m glad to now share with everyone that… I’M FINALLY LIVING AT THE…


WE DID IT!! 🌈 “When we were out of the ordinary” has won as BEST ROMANCE in the Queer Indie Awards !!!🥇 I don’t have words to express how happy I am about this 🥲 winning any category would have been amazing, but winning as best romance with an openly…

[TESTIMONIALS] Acceptance is what the book is all about

When we were out of the ordinary Acceptance is one of the main themes of When we were out of the ordinary. My dear friend and amazing author of psycological thrillers, D. P. Haka, was so kind to review the book for me after reading an Advanced Review Copy. Reviewed…

New season, new projects

New season, new projects: the spooky season is upon us!Are you ready for the most spooktacular time of the year? I don’t usually celebrate Halloween, but I adore the atmoshpere October brings with – cozy, with warm drinks and tones of orange all around… it’s magical and a huge source…

[TESTIMONIALS] Heartfelt moments and tenderness

When we were out of the ordinary The third installment in my Italian Romance Series, When we were out of the ordinary, is probably the most personal work I’ve put out there until now. The book hasn’t had great reach, but the people it reached all left wonderful feedback. Reviewed…

Writing related exciting news

Writing related exciting news coming! Are you ready? If you’re subscribed to my newsletter (if you’re not, why? sign up here right now – it’s FREE and you get GIFTS!) and if you follow me on social media, you might already know that my Italian Romance series is about to…

[TESTIMONIALS] When we were out of the ordinary

Since publication, I haven’t really had the chance to promote my latest book much. Which is a shame, really, because I love this book baby to bits. “When we were out of the ordinary” is incredibly personal, a tale of love in all its forms and acceptance. I’ll leave more…

The blog is back!

Yes, the blog is back! It’s been a lifetime since I introduced myself here, so I guess it’s time to say a few words. I’m Elen, an Italian author of LGBT+ New Adult fiction, and this is the first of a series of new posts about writing, reading and living…