[TESTIMONIALS] When we were sea and stars

Reviewed by Lily Rooke on Goodreads

“…as if it was forcing me to accept that there was more to it than I had ever known; that I was allowed to love; that in this world, there was someone willing to give me this.”

When we were sea and stars, Elen Chase

Oh my gosh how beautiful. I burnt through this novel in all of a few hours, could barely stop, and I can’t wait until tomorrow to buy the next in the series and read that too. James was such a beautiful character and I really related to him and felt his struggles, and I also appreciated how realistic a character Roberto was. It was really interesting seeing the parallels and differences between James’ and Rob’s families, and the yearning atmosphere of the Italian summer was so powerful.

I’m hoping for beautiful trips to Milan and Rome in the next book, just happy James and happy Rob please, they both deserve it.



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