[TESTIMONIALS] When we were fire on fire

Reviewed by Jodi May on Goodreads

This beautifully written story can be read alone or as part of the incredible series Chase has written. I read it as a standalone (planning to read the rest) and fell in love from the first page! Her character are flesh and blood and the way she tackles the mental health element was just stunning. As a mental health sufferer I get so tired reading poorly written depression, anxiety and all the rest. But Chase nailed it and it really conveyed the real emotions one goes through; the ups and downs as well as the real physical symptoms of depression. She aced it. I adored Fra the most and just wanted to give him a big cuddle throughout most of the book but I also adored Eric and together, they’ve got a lot of issues they needed to be worked through. It’s so well written and I also loved getting to see Milan! I’ve never visited but I simply cannot wait to visit. One of my favourite visual lines was when Chase described Milan as being a cross between Paris and Tokyo, and that just really brought it to life for me – something Chase is excellent at doing in all her work! I can’t wait to read the previous and I wait eagerly for the third installment of my favourite Italian romance series!



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