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MMy Thoughts and Review:
Harry’s story isn’t a happy one. However, it shows the strength and tenacity of the human spirit to stand tall and proud, even when life and people deal out one blow after another. The Road Home is split into two acts, with the first being all about Harry and the strength it took him to tell his live-in boyfriend of two years he was leaving. Even with all the abuse, Harry suffered, life wasn’t through with him.

Like many of us, no matter how many times we stumble or get knocked down, it isn’t the time we spend on our knees that matters, but the time we spend pulling our selves back up that does. Battered, bloodied, and beaten either physically or emotionally the climb back to our feet to face our adversaries another day proves our strength.

In Act Two, just as Harry is finding his wings, he wakes one morning to find he has been victimized. Thankfully this time, Harry has someone who is there, who has been there for some time now, but Harry wasn’t sure he could call on him.

Bill and Harry are “friends” by association, as Bill used to be in a relationship with Harry’s best friend Dan. Even though the relationship is over, Bill and Dan still care for each other. The two young men just were not meant to be together. Having come from the type of relationship he had, Harry was afraid to allow his feelings for Bill to grow. He also worried what it might mean for his friendship with Dan until one night something unexpected and tragic happened and Harry decided love, real love, is worth fighting for, and putting one’s faith in…even if it means that love is only for oneself.

“I looked love in the eye today, and it was so intense that it scared me. I didn’t know this kind of love. I didn’t know it was possible to love anyone like this. Certainly, I’ve never felt it.” ~Harry

I love the characters Chase has created in this world. They are each a little broken, no matter if they come from a high rise in Uptown or a brothel. Each one is beautiful, unique and each screams for their story to be heard. I am so glad Elen Chase answers their cries.

For anyone who loves good NA Romance series that are completely standalone with overlapping characters.

4.00 this-kind-of-love-stars🌟🌟🌟🌟

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author in exchange I am offering my thoughts in a review. ☔

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