[BOOK REC] Stillwaters

Book review of Stillwaters by Jennifer Brasington-Crowley:

The love story between Cayman and Jonathan is pure and honest. Both of them are broken, hurting, and haunted by their past, but they find in each other the strenght to go on.
Cayman has been in an abusive relationship that left a deep wound in her heart which she is sure will never fade.
Jonathan is tormented by guilt and believes himself to be the cause of the deaths that he is forced to witness in his premonition dreams.
When they meet in a small village in Germany, Cayman is at a stage in her life where she is unsure about what her future holds. Jonathan, on the other hand, is determined to kill himself to put an end to his torment.
They are not expecting to be drawn to the other. They are not expecting to discover a bond between them that had been there for a long time, without them even noticing.
A fascinating, supernatural element ties these characters together in a tragic romance that will leave you wondering: if love hurts so much, is it worth to love at all?


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