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Let’s have a cappuccino – on my new Ko-Fi account!

Writing queer fiction is what I love the most in the world. Nothing can compare to the feeling of pure joy I get whenever a reader tells me that they connected to my characters, or that my books made them feel seen.

I wish I could keep writing forever: for those readers who told me they’d needed to hear my words; for those readers who don’t know yet that there is someone like them out there; and also for myself, to find out more about who I am, and what I want from my life.

But publishing a book is expensive, and the hard truth is that none of my books ever paid for itself. I’m at a point where my income from my day job doesn’t allow me to keep up with all my projects any longer, and this is why I’m asking for your help.

I’ve set up a Ko-Fi account with a goal of $334 to pay for the Spanish translation of “When we were sea and stars.” If you can donate anything (as little as $3), I’d mean A LOT.

To thank my supporters, some exclusive content will be available on Ko-Fi, and in particular:

Short stories

Cross-genre shorts following a bimonthly publication!

The first story to be released in April will be “Candlelight Memories.” A queer tale of love and sacrifice set in a magical setting, on the other side of a dream…

Weekly serial novel: Back in the rain

The third edition of my debut novel “Back in the rain,” completely rewritten at line level. The novel has been unpublished from Amazon as I re-write it, and I’ll posting one chapter on a weekly basis on Ko-Fi

Unable to get over his girlfriend’s supposed suicide, Andrew spends his days in the deepest apathy, until one day the realization hits him, that his Shallie would have never taken her own life. As he stands in the pouring rain in front of her grave, a familiar voice calls his name.

Dan once was his best friend, but after seven years apart, Andrew doesn’t know him anymore. He knows he should be angry at him for leaving him when he needed him the most. He shouldn’t trust him when he offers to help.

But he does.

A story of two young men that, getting close to a terrible truth, find hope in a relationship that could either save them, or destroy them completely.

Bonus content

Deleted scenes, behind the scenes and sneak peeks from my most popular Italian Romance series.

What are you waiting for? Join me on Ko-Fi at: https://ko-fi.com/elenchase

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