The blog is back!

Yes, the blog is back! It’s been a lifetime since I introduced myself here, so I guess it’s time to say a few words.

I’m Elen, an Italian author of LGBT+ New Adult fiction, and this is the first of a series of new posts about writing, reading and living as an Italian author.

As a Southern Italian who lives in Florence, I often experience a lot of nostalgia when I think of my hometown and the gorgeous Mediterranean sea. Back in 2019, this nostalgia brought me to start drafting a story set in a non-specified Southern Italian seaside town. In 2020, that story became the first volume of my Italian Romance series, “When we were sea and stars.”

Since then, I’ve been adding a book to the series every year, and I hope to be able to continue on this journey for as long as I have stories to tell. This is partly why the blog is back!

Social media keeps changing, and keeping up with the algorithms while writing, editing, marketing and keeping a full time job can be exhausting. So I want to give my readers a place where they can always find me if one day my place in their Instagram feed is taken by reels about cute kittens. (Disclaimer: I LOVE cute kittens. Do not go hate on cute kittens on my behalf, please.)

My latest release

If you’re curious about my books, I suggest to start with my Italian Romance series. All the books can be read as standalones, so don’t feel forced to start with book 1. You can find some info about the series here. “When we were out of the ordinary,” my latest release, actually needs some extra love, so if you’re feeling particularly generous, head to Amazon and get your free sample now by clicking here 😉

My current WIP

Last but not least, what am I working on right now? I’m drafting book 4 in my Italian Romance series, “When we were just friends.” This story is a friends to lovers romance set in Florence, where I currently live!

I’m very excited about this project, so stay tuned for more info in the next weeks. Hard to keep up with blogs? No problem! You can now sign up for monthly updates and get two exciting free gifts HERE!

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