RELEASE DAY – When we were fire on fire

I’m really happy to announce that “When we were fire on fire” has officially been released into the world 🥳🥳🥳

You can find it on Amazon and read the reviews of my ARC team on Goodreads!

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Francesco doesn’t believe in second chances. Five years after an awful breakup, he’s determined to focus on his career and not let anything or anyone distract him from his goals. When his unpredictable ex suddenly comes back into his life, his brain knows he shouldn’t hope for a change, but his heart doesn’t want to listen.

Eric’s feelings have never wavered. Francesco is, and will always be, the love of his life. But love is not everything in a relationship, and Eric is painfully aware that even though he could be the person Francesco wants, he may not be the one he needs.

The festive atmosphere of Milan during Christmas time brings the two men together in a story about self-hate and self-love, and learning to trust again. Can you give your love to another, when you can’t even forgive or love yourself?

Content Warning:
This story includes mentions of suicide, abuse, and eating disorders.

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