[TESTIMONIALS] Back in the rain

Reviewed by D.P. Haka on Goodreads.

I started reading this book with very small idea on what was to come. I only knew that it has mystery, it’s dark, and it has MM romance. Imagine my full-blown surprise as I got deeper & deeper into this story!

What started out as a simple mystery turned out to be something so intricately planned, connecting each event & main characters in ways that I did not expect. The plot is very well thought of, and the world in which it is built upon is very well written, these 2 things alone are reasons enough on why the book deserves a 5-star rating.

But then there are the main characters. Drew is someone you’d naturally like, even if it might seem in the beginning that he judges other people too quickly.
Dan, though, is something else. There are so many facades & layers of him, you’d feel drawn into him in a completely different way.

The depth of these 2 main characters & how the main plot is woven into their characters’ development is the thing that surprised me the most, in a pleasant way. Very rarely does a book have it all to really capture your whole attention & excels in all these points. This book is one of them.

Back in the Rain is a must-read if you enjoy dark stories (I mean, just look at the trigger warnings) with a mystery as vast & deep as the ocean and as complex as a thousand spider webs. This is certainly not a light read, as you most likely will pour all your attention to it as you read it.

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