[TESTIMONIALS] When we were sea and stars

Reviewed by D.P. Haka on Goodreads

What an irresistible read! I just can’t get over this beautiful M/M romance book.

When I first started reading it, I had expected to smile and see things unfolding from a bystander’s POV, but what I experienced was much deeper than that.

With James on our side, I got to experience the ‘coming of age’ side of this love story. Confusing, exciting, and breathtaking all at once. I simply loved the thrill!

With Roberto on our side, I got to experience the ‘playing adult’ side. Trying hard to be responsible, acting tough… but completely hopeless when it comes to letting yourself go. The pain felt so real, yet it was necessary to go through it.

These two sides complete each other, and reading them side by side gives a rich, complex experience that is both simple yet deep.

The Italian backdrop gives a lovely addition to this already beautiful story. The people and its culture are seamlessly introduced and woven into the story, I couldn’t help feeling like I was actually there in Italy, having the best holiday of my life.

A very satisfying read that made me want to keep going back to check on the characters. Will definitely read more from this author!



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