[TESTIMONIALS] Back in the rain

Reviewed by Becca on Goodreads.

After reading Chase’s coming of age M/M novel A Five Minute Kiss, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Back in the Rain to learn more about brooding hero Dan. A troubled young soul, Dan is like the James DeanThis was a hard book to read.

I don’t remember seeing it but there should be triggers for this book. Big time. Depression, suicide attempts, rape, abuse, etc. It was intense a lot. The emotional turmoil between the two MCs was just off the hook. With their pasts, especially Dan’s, and the future smacking them from both sides. It was tense. In the end it was good. And worth it. But no journey comes without some bumps along the way. And the death of family and a string of murders are definitely some bumps.

It’s a good book. But it’s a lot.

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