Published works

bitr featured

Unable to get over his girlfriend’s supposed suicide, Andrew spends his days in the deepest apathy. When he finally realizes that there are too many mysteries about her death to just give up, Andrew runs to the graveyard and swears to her grave that he will uncover the truth. As he stands in the pouring rain, a familiar voice calls his name… read more

a five minute kiss

Liam hates high school. Since he came out three years ago, bullies have been tormenting him every day, and the school library is the only place where he feels like he belongs. When one day he finds Dan – his secret crush – sitting in his favorite seat, he knows that he should just ignore him… but he just can’t. And their encounter will change his life forever… read more

trh featured

Harry is living in a toxic relationship of two years that is slowly consuming him and mining his self-esteem. As he tries to put the pieces of his life back together and find the courage to move on, he reconnects with Bill, his best friend’s ex-boyfriend.The two of them will soon find themselves facing the darkest side of their hometown… read more