What’s in a name

Today Google is wishing me a Happy Birthday. It made me smile because I had completely forgotten that today was Elen’s Birthday.

Elen is me, and at the same time she’s another person: Elen is that part of me that turns on the computer after working for 8 hours every day to write stories that maybe nobody will ever read, but she’s happy like this anyway.

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The last day of holiday

L’Epifania tutte le feste porta via

In Italy, the 6th of January represents the last day of Christmas Holidays: the Feast of the Epiphany.

A very old Italian legend says that during the night of the 5th of January an old, witch-like woman riding a flying broom will go deliver candies to the children who have been good during the year, and coal to the children who have been bad.

The Befana – this is the witch’s name – has been part of the Italian tradition long before Santa Claus, even though rumors among the children say that the two of them are secretly married. Continue reading “The last day of holiday”

Free fiction

Always go south – a Christmas short story

The station was packed with people, and it was only 8 am in the morning. Lisa’s train was 18 minutes late. How can a train already be late at 8 am? Ladies and gentlemen, ask Italian railways.

Lisa exhaled loudly in frustration, and looked at her luggage, wondering if there was a way for her to sit on it without breaking it and scatter dozens of Christmas presents and dirty clothes all over the floor. No, it would be impossible. That luggage was stuffed as a turkey. And so damn heavy. Continue reading “Always go south – a Christmas short story”