[Inspiration] People are full of contradictions

[Inspiration] People are full of contradictions

“People are… Full of contradictions. They’re lonely. And then they’re not. They’re missed. And then they’re not.”

Kou Yoneda, 漂えど沈まず、されど泣きもせず [Tadayoedo Shizumazu Saredo Naki Mo Sezu]

I write MM novels, and one of the reasons I fell in love with this genre is, without a doubt, the amazing work Yoneda Kou does with her mangas. If you write MM fiction or just love the genre, keep reading to get some insight on her work. Continue reading “[Inspiration] People are full of contradictions”


Free! Why I will go down with this ship

It was the Summer of 2013 and a younger Elen was studying to get her bachelor degree. If you think that studying during the Summer sucks, you never had to study during the Summer in southern Italy. It’s agonizing. It’s hot, you could get to the most beautiful beach in the world in 20 minutes, and you can’t, because you have to study.

And then Kyoto Animation serves you a cocktail of hot, half-naked, 2D, swimming high school boys who are positively in love with each other.

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Author's life, Back in the rain

Some trivia facts about writing a gay thriller (random post #2)

For this Sunday post, I thought I’d tell you some interesting facts about me and my experience of writing and publishing my book “Back in the rain

A tormented history

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Review series: Hazard-lover #1

So, Friday’s time for my “review series”. While on Monday I want to review a random thing that I like and that is in some way inspiring for my writing, I want to dedicate Fridays to longer reviews, divided in episodes.

Hazard-lover is the first series of reviews that I want to publish, dedicated to a MM author that changed completely my writing style and whom I consider somehow a teacher (obviously, she doesn’t know – I’m shy and never had the courage to write to her). The author in question is Alessandra Hazard ( The first book of my review series is “Just a bit Twisted”, first in the Straight Guys series. Continue reading “Review series: Hazard-lover #1”

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Let’s stay awake this September, Billie

My “Fragment of blue” week has ended, and with it my Summer has ended as well. I’m back to Florence and to my 8-hours day job, but at least I recharged my batteries and came back feeling positive and creative.

According to my colleagues it’s not going to last – I work in that “ain’t nepotism a b**ch” kind of company – but hey, we do live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

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MM Romance: being in love with two guys in love

A lot of girls are into MM romance, Yaoi, BL genres (obviously, I am one of them).

In recent years, thanks to the internet, this has become almost common knowledge. Sometimes seeing people’s reaction to our fangirling is hilarious, like in that famous South Park episode.

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