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Always go south – a Christmas short story

The station was packed with people, and it was only 8 am in the morning. Lisa’s train was 18 minutes late. How can a train already be late at 8 am? Ladies and gentlemen, ask Italian railways.

Lisa exhaled loudly in frustration, and looked at her luggage, wondering if there was a way for her to sit on it without breaking it and scatter dozens of Christmas presents and dirty clothes all over the floor. No, it would be impossible. That luggage was stuffed as a turkey. And so damn heavy. Continue reading “Always go south – a Christmas short story”

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Back in the rain – book promotional video

Sooo…. the video I’ve been working on for the past few weeks is finally out!!


Making this video has been… not really a piece of cake, but I’m pretty satisfied with the result.

Some further info:

Continue reading “Back in the rain – book promotional video”

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My first short story is online!

“A five-minutes kiss” is finally online here, entirely for free! It’s a 4-chapter short story that takes place in the same fictional world as Back in the rain.

The plan is to continue the story, making a part 2 (that I have in draft) and then maybe publish it on Amazon.

Genre: BL, drama, coming of age

Here’s the plot: Continue reading “My first short story is online!”

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Currently updating the “Free Fiction” section

More than a month passed since I started this website, and I finally found the time to start working on the Free Fiction section.

I plan on publishing regularly (once a week) a chapter from short stories I wrote or self-contained stories. My main genre is BL (info here) but I’ll experiment also with other things.

I’m going to start with the short story “A five minutes kiss“, a prequel to my published book “Back in the rain”. The story is understandable (and enjoyable) even without knowing the plot of “Back in the rain”, but you might miss a few details about the fictional world the story is taking place. In this case, I suggest you read first the free chapters of “Back in the rain” available here.

Enjoy your reading!