Back in the rain

Thriller, MM romance, yaoi
adult content, R18 (the book may not be suitable for you if you are easily disturbed by themes such murder, suicide, explicit MM sexual content)

Unable to get over his girlfriend’s supposed suicide, Andrew spends his days in the deepest apathy. When he finally realizes that there are too many mysteries about her death to just give up, Andrew runs to the graveyard and swears to her grave that he will uncover the truth. As he stands in the pouring rain, a familiar voice calls his name. Dan once was his best friend, he was like a brother to him. After seven years without seeing each other, Andrew should be angry at Dan for leaving him when he needed him the most. He shouldn’t trust him when he offers to help. But he does. A story of two young men that, getting close to a terrible truth, find hope in a relationship that could either save them, or destroy them completely.

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