Free Fiction

I’m really excited to introduce you to my playground: my Free Fiction section. Here you will find a collection of one-shot stories, MM and more.

Important warning:

the stories marked as *R18 contain mature content and are intended for adults only.

Finally, I must confess that the stories I post here have never been proofread/edited by a native English speaker. While reading, you might find unusual word choices or errors in sentence structure. Please bear with me & enjoy your free content!

Memory of a red night

The magic of a lunar eclipse is about to merge the realities of two different worlds, so close and yet so distant… read more

FRAGMENT OF BLUE (MM romance *R18)

*R18 – A year has passed since the events of “Back in the rain”. Life goes on, sweet and cruel at the same time, in the summer heat… read more

INSIDE ME (Horror)

A Halloween short story about living your life constantly running away… read more

ALWAYS GO SOUTH (Slice of life)

There is nothing in the world as good as spending Christmas in your hometown… read more