Spring has come

Spring has come and I couldn’t be happier about it!

How is everyone? I haven’t posted here in a lifetime and I’ve missed this blog. If you are subscribed to my newsletter, you also know why, and I’m glad to now share with everyone that… I’M FINALLY LIVING AT THE NEW PLACE (and it looks like a real apartment now!!!)

Moving has been more stressful and time consuming than I’d expected but the worst part is over. Now I sleep in a comfortable bed, have a proper couch and most of all, a proper workspace to write/work remotely/be creative. Now it’s time to get my creativity going and resume my normal schedule here on the blog.

New schedule

For the new season, I’ll be moving the weekly posts to Tuesdays (because I think we can all agree that Mondays suck) and this is what you’ll be seeing:

  • News and updates
  • Book recs
  • Testimonials
  • A day in the life (all things Italy)

Bookish news

What about the writing that goes on behind the curtain? When we were just friends is fully drafted and currently in the capable hands of my editor.

My illustrator also confirmed that we’ll be working together on the new cover, so the book is definetely happening.

In March, I’ve started sharing something about the characters on Instagram, as my friend and fellow author Jodi May hosted the challenge #characterappreciationweek2023 where we were required to flesh out our characters and dig deep into their backstory, likes and dislikes and personality.

So I’m happy to confirm that you can officially meet Marco and Luís on my Instagram: click here!

What did I miss while I was away? Reach out to me here or on social media and let me know!

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