“When we were out of the ordinary” has won as BEST ROMANCE in the Queer Indie Awards !!!🥇

I don’t have words to express how happy I am about this 🥲 winning any category would have been amazing, but winning as best romance with an openly asexual MC is a joy I can’t describe.

Ace people who want romance in their lives exist, and our experience is as valid as any other 💜

This is the book for you if you love:

💜 An ace MC
💜 A pansexual MC
💜 Found Family
💜 Italy
💜 A concert on the beach
💜 Heartwarming romance
💜 … and there is ONLY ONE BED

CLICK HERE to check it out! You’d make a little indie author the happiest person on earth 😊

And always, always remember:

“Your heart deserves to be treated as gently as everybody else’s.”

When we were out of the ordinary by Elen Chase

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