[A DAY IN THE LIFE #3] Florentine life

Is it the end of October already? Time flies when you’re busy!

Life Update!

It’s finally happening: with a 30-year mortgage on my back, I have finally bought an apartment in Florence! The apartment isn’t huge but it’s functional and closer to work and finally I’m going to have a proper space to write and dedicate myself to my creative projects in my free time.

As you can imagine, things have been hectic here and they’ll probably be for a while. This is the reason why I’ve once again disappeared from social media and this post is coming so late in the week; but I’m positive that, once I’ve settled in the new place, I’ll be able to post more regularly and produce more content!

Places I’ve visited: Florence countryside

This month I haven’t traveled much, but I’ve visited some nice places in the Florentine area. My favorite was without a doubt the farm “Il mio Alpaca,” where it’s possible to take a walk in the woods with the lovely Alpacas.

It was amazing to get to know all the Alpacas in the farm and learn about their personalities and habits. The Alpaca I walked with, Pericle, was nicknamed “the artist”: he’s very creative and wanted to lead the way all the time.

I couldn’t take any videos during the walk (making sure Pericle wouldn’t run off was my top priority) but I highly recommend checking out this experience if you’re ever in Florence. Only, be aware that you need a car to reach the farm.

Let’s talk food

I haven’t had the chance to visit many restaurants this month but I had some very delicious pizza at a tiny pizzeria in Novoli District: Benvenuti A Sud.

This pizza is probably the best I’ve had in Florence. The dough is high quality and light, which makes the pizza easy to digest. All the available toppings are simple yet delicious.

Pizza al prosciutto

Writing process

I’m still writing book 4 in the Italian Romance series; so far I’ve written more or less 160 pages and it’s progressing, slow but steady.

I had to stop halfway through to reinvent a little some secondary characters, after I noticed that I had just too many! There’s one in particular that got rewritten 3 times, and in the end, replaced with a different character entirely.

I’m expecting to be able to share more by next month! Until then…


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