[A DAY IN THE LIFE #2] Everything is changing

Today’s post is coming a little later than usual! September is almost over, and with it goes our beloved summer.

Life Update!

I’m currently back to my hometown for a few days, as yesterday (Sept. 25th, 2022) we had to vote for our new government. This is not the place to talk politcs (I know this is not why you’re here) but I just want to say that the next few years are likely going to be really hard in Italy for women, members of the LGBT+ community, immigrants and all minorities.

I hope that one day Italy will become the country I like to describe in my books; a safe place for everyone to be whoever they want. This is, especially now, far from reality, but the younger generations will keep fighting for equal rights, and as long as my books have the slightest chance to give hope to someone, I’ll keep writing.

Places I’ve visited: Certaldo

Let’s talk about some nice things now! Today I want to show you the lovely town of Certaldo, in Tuscany, that I visited earlier this month. This beautiful borgo was hometown to Giovanni Boccaccio, author of The Decameron.

Beautiful view from the loggia of Palazzo Pretorio:

Let’s talk food

Tuscany countryside screams delicious wine, truffle and wild boar ragù. In Certaldo, I tried an amazing pasta with truffle that had such a unique, rich taste, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget it.

Certaldo is also famous for the production of onions. Their onions are so popular, they even make onion-flavored gelato! I did try it a little bit but I then chose some classic chocolate & mint flavors. I mean, it was okay, but I’m not a huge fan of onions in general, so I wouldn’t mix them with my gelato 😉

Writing process

Incredible to say, but I am actually writing a new book! Wooo!!!

After publishing “When we were out of the ordinary,” I went through a very dark phase during which I thought that’s it -my writing journey is over. The truth is that I still don’t know if I’ll be financially able to publish my new book next year, as everything is so uncertain right now and we head toward winter and very high gas and electricity bills. But despite everything, I’m writing it! And I’ll do all I can to get it in the hands of my readers eventually.

My WIP is the fourth book in the Italian Romance series and this time we’ll follow Marco as MC, who is now 19 and living in Florence on his own to attend university there.

The title is “When we were just friends.” I’ll share more info in the next days and on social media, but for now, I’ll leave you with this teeny tiny teaser:

who don’t date other people
and sleep in the same bed

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  1. Over in the USA we’re at risk for some major setbacks for many groups struggling to keep their rights and protections in place – many of the same groups you listed in your post. It’s horrific. We just got to keep working and keep loving one another, Elen. Live by example. Improve our “arguments” instead of raising our voices. 🙂 We need to just keep moving forward, even when it’s dark.

    On a happier note, I am thrilled to learn you are writing – keep going, I know an opportunity to afford the publishing will open up for you! And I just can’t want to read the book! And that teaser? EXCELLENT!

    Sending love and hugs from the across the pond. XO.

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