[TESTIMONIALS] Heartfelt moments and tenderness

When we were out of the ordinary

The third installment in my Italian Romance Series, When we were out of the ordinary, is probably the most personal work I’ve put out there until now. The book hasn’t had great reach, but the people it reached all left wonderful feedback.

When we were out of the ordinary

Reviewed by Lily Rooke on Goodreads

Neighbours Kim and Alessandro have spent years engaged in a prank war. With all his friends in established relationships, and his unrequited love edging closer to a happy marriage, Kim throws himself into work and taking care of everyone else – as always. Meanwhile, Ale is becoming increasingly burnt out by life, and despite the happy-go-lucky front he presents to the world, the one person who keeps him grounded is the downstairs tenant who calls him Alec. But as the stability to which each of them clings falls away, Kim and Alec agree to celebrate their ‘rivalniversary’, and discover hidden depths to each other they never thought possible.

What stands out to me most about When we were out of the ordinary is just how funny it is! There are multiple laugh out loud moments, and the banter between Kim and Alec is top notch. I couldn’t believe the prank Alec pulls with his brother in their hometown! The two of them really play off each other so well, and I felt like I’d been there through those years of rivalry, even though this is the first time the series focuses on their dynamic. I also thought Kim’s arc was handled so well with regards to his conflicting feelings for his friends, and there are some beautiful lines that really strike the heart.

This latest instalment in the Italian Romance series offers the same heartfelt moments and tenderness I’ve come to hope for and adore. As Kim and Alec open up to one another about the experiences of the past, and how they understand their identities, and how they navigate these, it feels like my heart cracks open a little more. As with James and Rob, and Eric and Fra, the author does a brilliant job at presenting two individuals who seem/are quite different on the surface, but who complement and challenge each other in such rewarding and meaningful ways. Kim and Ale leap of the page, along with the whole established gang of friends, leaving me feeling like I’m there in the living room watching a football game, or in the kitchen surrounded by all these beautiful smells of Italian cuisine.

(I’m also SO excited to see hints at a fourth book in the Italian Romance series!)

I am grateful to the author for providing an ARC of When we were out of the ordinary. These opinions are my own.



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