[BOOK RECS] Tracy Brown, for the lovers of mystery and dark fantasy

Among the wonderful writers I’ve had the privilege of meeting in the Instagram writing community, a honorable mention goes to Tracy Brown, author of the Door To Door Mystery Trilogy and the Adult Dark Fantasy Bellerose Witchline Series.

Crossing the Witchline, book 2 in the Bellerose Witchline series, will publish on September 20, 2022, so if you’re interested in this genre, I highly recommend checking out Tracy’s website here and my very own review of book 1 here below!

Bellerose Witchline Series

A Thin Witchline Between Love & Hate (Goodsreads review from May 5, 2022)

After reading T. L. Brown’s Door to Door series, it’s been great to get back to this world and find some familiar faces.

The main cast is made of characters that played an important role in the Door to Door trilogy, but reading that series first is not necessary as the author provides all the information the reader might need to enjoy this tale!

A Thin Witchline Between Love and Hate is addressed to a mature audience as it includes themes and situations not suitable for young readers, but I personally really enjoyed the darker path the story has taken and how the author has portrayed the psychology of it all.

Lucie is incredibly interesting; she represents the light (in more than one way), but she holds inside also great darkness, and draws her power from her own trauma and pain. She’s surrounded by loyal friends, an infuriating man that is not nearly as heartless as he’d like people to believe (I ship them, obviously, how could I not? #templucie all the way) and shadows from her past that just won’t let her go.

All this combines in an exciting story that, I must warn you, will leave you starved for more!



And for the lovers of mystery… Door To Door Series

Door to Door (Goodreads review from August 5, 2021)

A great cozy paranormal mystery!

Door to Door is the story of Emily Swift, a 30-year-old with an innate ability to travel from place to place (or to different worlds) by stepping through what she feels is the “right” door.

When she receives her father’s journal as birthday present, her abilities awaken, and a whole new world opens up for her as she starts learning about her gift and her father’s secret past. The more she tries to decipher her dad’s notes, the closer she gets to the man he was, and to her own destiny.

Backed up by her family, friends and partner, she steps into an unknown reality of mystery, danger and magic.

I loved reading about a 30-year-old protagonist (see? cool stuff doesn’t happen only to 16-year-olds!) and see her go through such an adventure while remaining true to her heart.



Through the Door (Goodreads review from November 12, 2021)

Another great mystery!

After learning about her father’s identity as a Salesman in book 1, this time Emily sets on a new adventure to go after her mother, while the Fringe lingers in the shadows of the Empire, threatening Emily’s newly-found normality.

The whole cast from Door to Door is back, including reliable Rabbit and mysterious Templeton (my absolute favorite). I adore the character development in this book, as well as all the twists and magical elements that are typical to this series.

This book will make you smile and care deeply for all characters, and will keep your heart racing throughout the climax. After I fifnished, I couldn’t wait to start book 3 and devoured that too in less than two days.

T.L. Brown’s writing is magical and her worldbuilding is impressive. If you like cozy paranormal myseries, this series is a MUST HAVE!



Doors Wide Open (Goodreads review from November 21, 2021)

I couldn’t put this book down.

I started reading Doors Wide Open as soon as I finished book 2 (Through the Door), because I couldn’t wait to see the mysteries of this magical world unfold.

The author managed to create an action-packed story without sacrificing character development, and it’s been a delight to discover (some of) the secrets these characters were keeping from us (Rabbit and Templeton, I’m looking at you guys).

Templeton is my favorite “frenemy”and personally I really enjoyed getting to know him better. I’m thrilled that he’ll come back in the next series T.L. Brown is working on (I’m really hoping for some #templucie content here).

This book really has everything: mysteries, murder, romance, plot twists, magic, pizza, and even a cameo from my favorite fictional rock star.

Highly recommended!



Tracy is not only a great author, but also a master at author branding and building connections within the community. I strongly suggest giving her a follow for writing challenges, great books and fun, original content!

She’s been so kind to read all the books in my Italian Romance Series and gave me some great feedback, too. Find her review of When we were out of the ordinary here!

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