Writing related exciting news

Writing related exciting news coming! Are you ready?

If you’re subscribed to my newsletter (if you’re not, why? sign up here right now – it’s FREE and you get GIFTS!) and if you follow me on social media, you might already know that my Italian Romance series is about to go wide!

What does it mean to go wide?

In writing/publishing, wide distribution means that books (in my case only ebooks, but we’ll get there) are sold at different retailers rather than being available exclusively on one platform.

Until now all my books have been available only on Amazon and via their Kindle Unlimited program, but this is soon going to change. Starting September 30, 2022, you will be able to purchase my Italian Romance series on Kobo, Apple Books, Google Play, Barnes & Noble etc.


Not all readers are on Amazon. In fact, I found that many readers don’t like purchasing on Amazon for several reasons (big, evil corporation, not being able to use PayPal, to name a few).

I decided to give a chance to read my books to all kinds of readers, in as many places as possible (including some other big, evil corporations because, honestly, I can’t afford NOT to use them). There’s still a chance that things won’t go well, in which case I might consider switching back to KU in the future, but I really hope that won’t be necessary 🙂

What about paperbacks/hardcovers?

The change is going to involve only ebooks for now. Paperbacks & hardcovers will keep being available only at Amazon.

Why? Publishing paperback and hardcover books is very expensive (just one ISBN costs around 60 euro + VAT) and most print on demand companies are based in the US. This means that if I started working with these companies, I wouldn’t be able to check the print proof copies unless I paid for international shipping and customs + printing costs + uploading fees. For each single book. And this is assuming that the first proof copy would be good enough to be approved for sale, which is nearly never the case.

So yes, Amazon might be a big, evil corp, but they are the only affordable option for poor (European) writers like myself for now. If you think that’s unfair, I agree with you. If you want to know why this happens, you can start with this page. And if you’re a European writer/reader and you know of another affordable way of distributing paperbacks & hardcovers worldwide, please let me know how!

The series is getting a bit of a new look

The paperbacks will get affected by this change only in one way, meeaning the covers on both formats (ebook and paperback) are getting new fonts! Ready to see them? 3,2,1…

These new fonts will appear also on some other things I’m working on… but that’s a surprise!

And if you’re wondering what’s gonna happen to the hardcovers… that’s also news for some other time 😉

Get ready to get this series by checking out this page, and stay awesome <3

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