[TESTIMONIALS] When we were sea and stars

Reviewed by Victoria Ray on Goodreads

When we were sea and stars by Elen Chase is a dazzling LGBT romance filled with plenty of emotions and heart.
The family of James (19 years old American boy) is visiting a small Italian town during their vacation. There he meets a local, Roberto, and falls in love.
This is a multiple POV novel: the author is telling the story from the perspective of two main characters. I found myself truly curious about James and the way he perceives the world around him. I couldn’t let go of the ache of his last year at home, his short relationships with many lovers, and his pure thoughts and feelings towards Roberto and his family, his true self.
The writing is beautifully done; it’s simple and evocative. I even highlighted many lines because the words touched me deeply. It was an unusual book for me, but it was very refreshing, some way different…
Let me also mention that this novel steams with the warmth of Italian summer, the smell of South Italian dishes, the sea, and hungry kisses in the dark. All the truths the boys say, all their jokes, dreams, plans combine into beautiful and compelling prose. Against a sunset-drenched skyline, the author Elen Chase brings the heat and longing of true romance to a scorching crescendo.
A magical, big-hearted book about young love – enjoyed it.



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