[TESTIMONIALS] When we were fire on fire

Reviewed by Jennifer on Goodreads

You could say When We were Fire on Fire is a Hot Boss Second Chance M/M Romance, but you would really be doing it a disservice because it is so much more. While the romance aspect is at the center, and it is as romantic and swoon-worthy as I’ve come to love in Chase’s work, it is the self-love that is the true heart of the story.

Francesco and Eric have both suffered from insecurities that stemmed from their childhood, abusive or neglectful parents and the scars that come from it. The characters’ backstories are so instrumental to the story, and by the end, you’ll be holding your breath and wondering just how the author managed to write such a deeply layered story about mental health under the guise of a holiday romance.

This story is full of well-developed characters who feel like real friends, and the beautiful Italian setting is almost a character itself! The addition of Kim, a mutual friend of both Francesco and Eric, was a highlight for me, adding a simultaneous gravity and humor in all the right places.

“When I fell in love with Rob, I thought out relationship would magically heal meā€¦and it didn’t.” This line, spoken by the American James (from Book #1 When We Were Sea and Stars – READ IT!) struck me as such a poignant line, and it should be written on those kitchen plaques instead of “Live, Laugh, Love” because everyone needs to hear this.



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