[TESTIMONIALS] When we were fire on fire

Reviewed by D. P. Haka on Goodreads

This book came to me when I needed to read it.

The second installment of Italian Romance series by Elen Chase follows the life of Francesco and Eric, and how they try to reconnect after a bad breakup in the past.

While the book itself clearly sells M/M romance, to me, personally, the important message here is about acceptance. Not only accepting someone else, flawed as they are, but yourself, no matter how broken you think you are.

Through this story, we get to learn how the demons are often within ourselves, the importance of opening up to someone even when we feel fine, and the beauty of friendship among different kinds of people.

With the lovely scenery of Milan in winter as the backdrop, the author successfully brought me into an unforgettable journey between the two main characters, and surprisingly, within myself. It is not a smooth journey, and not without pain, but it’s an important one that I will never forget. The book’s tagline is not to be taken lightly, and it will remain as my life’s goal.

To everyone who feels that they’re not good enough for others or themselves, I highly recommend giving this book a read. Let the simple yet beautiful and honest words from this author touch you and give you the assurance you need that it is okay to not be okay.



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