[TESTIMONIALS] The road home

Reviewed by Natosha Wilson on Goodreads.

As always I am so completely blown away with a book in this series. Elen Chase wrote all three books in a way that has made me fall in love with the main characters. Also with each new books, it has tied together the characters from the previous ones as well.

Harry does not understand how he has let himself get so sucked into this abusive relationship. Before Jake, he was vibrant and he would have never thought of himself staying with someone who was abusing him. Now three years later he barely recognizes the person staring back in the mirror. Harry is to the point that he wants to finally make a clean break from Jake but as always when Jake promises to change and that he means it this time, Harry chooses to believe him.

Harry never anticipated that Jake would actually follow through and make huge strides in getting help for drinking, drug use, and the abuse but actions have spoken louder then words. So why does Harry still feel as if nothing has changed?

Bill knows that walking away from Dan when he did was a mistake. It is a mistake that can no longer be changed because Dan has moved on with Drew. That does not make the longing to be with him any better though.

One night while out drinking Bill runs into Harry, Dan’s best friend. They have never been close to one another but when he sees Harry he decides to have a conversation with him. Everything changes with this one conversation and will start a path for both men that neither ever seen coming.

Since running into Bill, Harry cannot stop thinking about him. Now that the two cannot seem to quit bumping into one another, the fantasies that Harry has started having about him has blown up. That is not the only thing to blow up, Harry’s relationship with Jake has as well. So now Harry is on his own for the the first time in three years and has been bent on making up for lost time.

After a night out with no memories with the man beside him, Harry is completely freaked out. When Bill shows up to the rescue, Harry cannot be more appreciative. When the reason for Harry’s memory loss comes to light, there is no stopping him from seeking his revenge. All Bill can do is support Harry or take a risk of something happening to him.

How will both men handle the situation that Harry has gotten himself into and the danger that is lurking around the corner? Can the feelings that Harry is starting to feel for Bill be real and true? How will Bill feel about these feelings?

This is the third and final book in this series and all I can say is “wow this is a completely amazing ending to an incredible series”. I am so sad that this journey is over but the wrap up was just completely incredible. I truly enjoyed this read and cannot wait to see what Elen will come up with next.

Was given this galley copy for free for an open and honest review!!

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