[TESTIMONIALS] Back in the rain

Reviewed by Jennifer on Goodreads.

After reading Chase’s coming of age M/M novel A Five Minute Kiss, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Back in the Rain to learn more about brooding hero Dan. A troubled young soul, Dan is like the James Dean/Dylan McKay figure – mysterious, alluring and dark, but with a magnetism that draws in everyone he meets. I don’t want to give anything away, but this character is one of the most selfless I have had to joy to read. His actions are heroic and heart-wrenching.

Back in the Rain features protagonist Andrew, from an upper-class family in a dystopian future where the city is split into affluent Uptown and gritty Downtown. The journey into the underworld of Downtown spirals into a cultist sect with human sacrifice and a mystery that unravels to a very satisfying conclusion, with a twist I did not see coming.

Just as important as the mystery storyline is the story of Andrew himself, as he grows from a selfish, entitled “brat” as he is called, into a man who learns to stand up for what he believes and comes to terms with his own feelings, shortcomings, and desires. Chase isn’t afraid to go to dark places with this novel, and the gritty realism is something I quite enjoyed, as it was not written for shock value, but to flesh out these multi-dimensional characters.

A nice addition to this often dark novel was the character of Sean – he’s Andrew’s mate and sidekick, and a much welcomed source of comic relief.

Back in the Rain is heart-racing and heart-wrenching. It will take you on an emotional rollercoaster, so brace yourself for a wild ride!

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