[TESTIMONIALS] A five-minute kiss

Reviewed by Jennifer on Goodreads.

A Five-Minute Kiss was a fun and entertaining fast read about 16-year-old Liam falling in love. This was my first MM romance and it was simply lovely. Liam is bullied at his school for being small, red-haired and smart. He closes off from people until he meets the very handsome and mysterious lone wolf, Dan. Dan is older than his years, with secrets of his own. It was easy to see how Liam would fall for him. I would like to know more about Dan and am glad to know he has his own book (Back in the Rain).

What I enjoyed the most about this book was that Liam’s character could easily have been a one-dimensional bullied kid who is perfect in every way. However, Chase made him flawed and very believable. He is quick to judge and make assumptions, and he wears his heart on his sleeve. I could easily relate to him and found his character very authentic.

If you like a fast, easy read with a lot of heart, I recommend this book.

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