[TESTIMONIALS] A five-minute kiss

Reviewed by Natosha Wilson on Goodreads.

This is a short story about Dan that takes place before “Back In The Rain”. Though some of what Dan went through as a kid has already occurred when this story takes place, the bigger part of Back In The Rain occurs after this read. This is more a short story about the time frame from when Dan left Uptown and when he returns later in life. Though this book is not told they Dan’s point of view but another character named Liam, I found that I really got to know more of who Dan is in this book.

Liam is not the most mature person in my opinion. I felt that being bullied for most of his school life, and then burying hisself in school work in order to make it out of downtown, it has left him Social inept. So when Dan offers kindness to Liam, Liam immediately crushes on him. This leads to Liam pursuing Dan.

I do believe that Dan was attracted to Liam but I also think that he knew he could never feel for him why Liam felt for Dan. That did not stop Dan from ending up in a relationship with Liam that definitely had an expiration date on it. Dan never lied to Liam. He let him know that once he graduated that things had to end. I think that even though it was not a forever match, it was a match that needed to happen because Dan brought something very important into Liam’s life.

The only thing is, even though Dan knew he was not meant for Liam, he knew that Liam would find that someone special eventually. Liam would just never figure it would be who it ended up being. Life had a funny way of correcting things that happen in life that should not have ever occurred. That is what happens for Liam and eventually for Dan as well!!!

This was a great short read. I am glad that Elen wrote it because it gave me more insight into what happened in Dans life once he left uptown. This was a good read and I definitely ended up liking Liam before then end of the boom though it did not really start that way!! Good in between book for Back In The Rain!! I look forward to more books by Elen in the future!!

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