[BITR] Q&A with the author

I love Q&As with the author… except this time I’m the author!

(This Q&A will be about Back in the rain. I was asked these questions by my first beta reader)

Why do you write in English?

I see we start with the hard questions already (lol). I started writing this book in English as a writing excercise when I was getting my Master’s degree in translation. I wanted to test myself and see if I could write something by thinking directly in English instead of using Italian and then translating. Surprisedly, I realized that I loved writing in English; I was learning so many words, expressions and grammar rules that I never knew and it was a really exciting process. Moreover, I love how direct and engaging English is; Italian is beautiful, but the written language is usually vague and with too many long sentences. English grammar kind of forces you to be clear with what you want to say, and it’s great. I think I’ll be sticking with English for a while!

Why a BL?

For those who don’t know, my genre is called BL (Boys Love) in Japan and often on the Internet, and is known as MM romance as a literary genre. It’s all about focusing the story around a Male to Male relationship, and it’s popular mostly among a female audience.

I chose this genre because I am a big fan of it as a reader and I think it’s often wrongly underestimated in the literary world. Even though the plot of a MM romance novel is usually light and most books have explicit sex scenes, it doesn’t mean it’s all bad literature; I have read many MM romance books that are inclusive, positive, dramatic and powerful and I want to give my contribution to this genre with stories that are real, controversial and deep.

What did inspire you to write this book?

I got inspired by so many things! Some chapters were inspired by music, some by things that really happened around me in real life, but generally speaking, my biggest source of inspiration as a writer are Japanese manga (comic books).

I read manga all my life in so many genres, (this is also how I came to know BL) and I knew that if I ever wrote something of my own, it would be a mix of all the things and the values I learned from my comic books.

What is the hardest moment you had to face while writing?

While writing there was a moment I got completely stuck. I knew since the beginning how the story started and how it ended, but all that was in between the beginning and the end (basically the plot), was a big, black hole ^^”

The hardest part was probably the plot’s climax, that in my first draft was the grand total of 7-8 lines at best. I have to thank my beta readers for scolding me and encourage me to improve it and give it the importance it deserved.

Who is your favorite character?

(She asks me because she already knows)

I think I already posted the answer to this question a few times on the blog, and it’s still the same: Dan is my favorite character. For those who don’t know, Dan is the deuteragonist of my story, the second most important character after the protagonist. He’s the responsible of many plot points and he’s also fundamental to the story of the protagonist. He’s the character whom I hurt and loved the most all the time.

If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

Lots of love,


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