Saturday Night Drawing #1

It was a lazy morning. Harry was woken by the light of the sun coming through the window. It must have been almost noon. His lips were dry, and he had a strand of his long hair in his mouth. He couldn’t say that he was feeling ill, not physically at least, but he wasn’t feeling good either. To be more precise, he wasn’t feeling anything at all.

I’m back! Recently I’ve been working on a new WIP, “The road home”, and this blondie is my protagonist, Harry. Once again the story will be a MM romance, BL book set in the same universe as “Back in the rain“. Unlike “A five-minute kiss“, the other side story I published (currently under review – a new version will be published soon), “The road home” brings back some of the dark themes of the main book, even though overall it’s a lot “lighter”.

Harry is my POV character, and the whole story is about him looking for his “road home”. I don’t want to spoil anything but I’m really proud of how I’m developing this character as the story moves forward.

More news on this WIP will be online next Saturday 😉

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