Wait… is it Christmas already?

“I’m positive I’ll be back with new content in November,” I said in October… and here I am now (I know, I’m a bad person).

I’m amazed at how fast I ran out of energy after Summer break, but hey! It’s almost Christmas! I finally started writing again, and I have a long list of new Year’s resolutions that, believe me or not, I’m not going to forget in a month or so.

I don’t want to make a post about resolutions (I’m sure there are a lot of people who would do that better than me), but I just want to say that no matter what happens, I’ll keep updating the blog regularly. I tried to do it every day in September, even though I knew it would be exhausting, and it obviously turned out to be a terrible idea. I had been warned: if you want to make good content, you can’t publish something every single day. But a funny thing about me is that I learn only by trial and error. So I tried, and failed miserably.

Now, what am I up to?

I have a new WIP, a side story taking place in the same universe as Back in the Rain. The city of Rosedeer is my favorite setting because, not being physically located in any existing State, I can turn it into whatever I want. It looks like an American metropolis but culturally it’s a lot more European. The food my characters eat is Italian, for obvious reasons, but something in their behavior will remind any manga lover of the Japanese mindset. I got myself a pretty interesting playground.

This WIP, unlike my previous side story “A five-minute kiss”, will bring back some of the dark themes of the main book. I absolutely adore my main character, Harry, and… I’m going to make him suffer. Sorry, love, watching Banana Fish is ruining me.


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