Website update!

October has been a tough month, but for good or for worse, it’s almost over!

I didn’t publish as many posts as I had planned (I’m positive I’ll be back with new content in November), but I was able to design better the website, making it a little more “professional”.

Let’s give up pink… for now

I changed the general color palette of the website from pink to cyan, coordinating my logo with banners and other small graphic elements.

Featured content

I focused or re-styling the homepage giving more visibility to my works as an author:

Putting my published works in featured posts;

Adding featured pages to learn more about my books and read the free fiction available on the website;

Adding testimonials, that are displayed randomly everytime you access the page.

New section

I added the “Published works” section in the main menu. Hopefully it will keep growing as I keep publishing my writing. Sample chapters can be reached directly from the main menu.

Free Fiction section revisited

The free fiction section is also wearing a new look! This is where I’ll keep stored the free stories that I’ll post on the blog first.

FInally, about the free fiction… an Halloween story is coming on October 31!

Lots of love,



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