Review series: Hazard-lover #2

Second book in my Hazard reviews series! Today I’ll tell you about “Just a bit Obsessed”, second in the Straight Guys series.

All the books in this series are connected to the previous one, usually by a secondary character that becomes the protagonist in the next book. In this case one of our protagonists is Christian, Shawn’s best friend.

Christian is likable. Other characters like him, readers like him, I like him. He’s that type of guy everyone meets sooner or later in their lives; tons of friends, everybody loves him, everybody wants him. What I like the most about him, is that he could have anyone and yet he ends up wanting the only guy he can’t have.

Alexander has a girlfriend. He thinks himself 100% straight and acts as a perfect boyfriend all the time. He’s too perfect, so perfect that it can’t be real. And, in fact, he isn’t real at all with his girlfriend, Mila. The only one that takes him out of his comfort zone and makes his reactions not-textbook-perfect is Christian. Christian, the guy his girlfriend insisted on inviting for a threesome that he didn’t want.

What unites Christian and Alex is an amazing chemistry, and the author describes it awesomely. In the first part of the story, the sexual tension between them is so high you can feel it in every single line. They never say it clearly, and Mila – who’s always with them – doesn’t notice, but they know perfectly what’s happening between them. It’s clear when, without having ever had a conversation about their attraction for each other, Christian just tells Alex, “I don’t like leaving loose ends,” and they kiss.

My reaction at that point of the story:

As Christian and Alex’s story continues, the author introduces also the protagonists of the next book in the series: Gabe and Jared. They somehow help the story move forward but they have two chapters entirely dedicated to them, and I can’t say I liked it. This was Christian and Alex’s book after all.

Anyway, it doesn’t change that this story leaves you really satisfied as a reader. Toally recommended!

My favorite quote:

Sometimes love isn’t pretty. It’s not neat, and it’s not textbook perfect. There’s no template for love. Sometimes it’s dirty. Sometimes it’s a bit creepy. And sometimes it hurts.”

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