Review series: Hazard-lover #1

So, Friday’s time for my “review series”. While on Monday I want to review a random thing that I like and that is in some way inspiring for my writing, I want to dedicate Fridays to longer reviews, divided in episodes.

Hazard-lover is the first series of reviews that I want to publish, dedicated to a MM author that changed completely my writing style and whom I consider somehow a teacher (obviously, she doesn’t know – I’m shy and never had the courage to write to her). The author in question is Alessandra Hazard ( The first book of my review series is “Just a bit Twisted”, first in the Straight Guys series.

“Just a bit Twisted” is the first of the series, but not the first book I read by Alessandra Hazard. The first book that made me discover this author was “That Alien Feeling”, which was at the time her latest work. “That Alien Feeling” made me fall in love with the author’s style, so after I finished it, I bought “Just a bit Twisted” right away. And I liked it far better!

The protagonist, Shawn, is a college student in desperate economic conditions. He can’t keep up with classes because he has to work two jobs and take care of his two 4-year-old sisters. Shawn is really likable as a POV character. He’s good, self-conscious about his economic situation and responsible, and he can’t wait to stop having those responsibilities on his back.

Mr. love interest is Derek, Shawn’s professor (yes, dangerous zone!) and their relationship is all but romantic until the end of the book. It stays a sex thing most of the time and the reader is caught in a “will they? won’t they?” limbo, with the benefits of awesomely written sex scenes. Derek is introduced to the reader as an asshole, but years of reading tons of Japanese mangas immediately allowed me to identify him as a huge tsundere.

The author manages perfectly not to cross the line with the whole “whoring yourself for a grade” thing, leaving the tones of the story never too serious and therefore really enjoyable.

The book is not too realistic but it’s all you need if you want to read a light romance that will indulge you with a nice inappropriate relationship and sexual tension.

My favorite quote from the book:

I don’t do jealousy. Jealousy is for insecure men with small dicks and low self-esteem. And you have to care to be jealous. I don’t.”

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