Let’s stay awake this September, Billie

My “Fragment of blue” week has ended, and with it my Summer has ended as well. I’m back to Florence and to my 8-hours day job, but at least I recharged my batteries and came back feeling positive and creative.

According to my colleagues it’s not going to last – I work in that “ain’t nepotism a b**ch” kind of company – but hey, we do live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

Anyway, I’ve already started working on new projects for this fall season:

Entering a competition for a children’s book with a friend that works as an illustrator
We’ll work in Italian, but I’ll translate into English some of the drafts that we’ll discard and post them on the blog

Revitalize my socials
I’ll quote what a not-quite-a-friend told me once, with the typical grace that characterizes people from Tuscany

We italians are mimicking idiots; we see cooking programs on TV, so we start plating our food like pro-assholes, and in the end it tastes like s**t anyway

I think that what I’m doing with socials is more or less the same; there are professionals who know how to properly manage social media and having several accounts is not as easy as it seems. Internet is evolving so fast that what worked only two years ago wouldn’t work anymore. In 2009, when I was still a schoolgirl and started my facebook account, you could market anything on Facebook completely for free; now you have to pay for people to even see your posts. Obviously I don’t have money to invest in social media – to be honest, I don’t even have money to invest in editing – so I’ll do what I do best: read some books on the subject and try new strategies. Mostly I can tell you that:

  • WordPress is my main blog: here I post all my original content;
  • I still have to understand how Goodreads works;
  • Tumblr is where I fangirl and show my true otaku colors;
  • Facebook is where I share my blog’s content and sometimes look for new followers with sponsored posts. Thanks to the facebook algorithm page posts are practically invisible so I don’t want to waste time making original content for the platform when no one is going to see it.

Write, write, write
This blog needs variety. I made a little schedule for my weekly posts, which I hope you’ll like:

Lots of love,


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