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Fragment of blue – part 5

Fragment of blue is coming to an end, just like our summer. Enjoy the last part of this one-shot story, and remember:

Genre: MM romance, yaoi
Warning: adult content, R18
Spoilers alert for the ending of Back in the rain.

He laid him on the rocks and kissed him thoroughly going on top of him, their bodies grinding together. Dan was only half conscious of his actions when he looped his leg around Drew’s tights and pulled him closer, as his lover was humping him shamelessly. Dan was painfully hard, hot and impatient, as if he was about to crawl out of his own skin and beg Drew to devour him. Drew bit and sucked the sensitive skin of his neck and chest, as his hands touched him everywhere. By now, Drew knew his body like his own. Even better, probably. He knew he liked raw, bruising kisses; he knew that his nipples weren’t particularly sensitive, but if he sucked them hard, he’d quickly reduce him to a moaning mess. He knew his hands on his belly would make him tremble, but not as much as those feather-soft kisses in his inner tights.

Fuck, when did he take away his trunks again?

Drew pressed his nose against his groin and started stroking him, his mouth sucking his balls idly. They were freezing cold because of the water, and Drew’s mouth was so warm, so wet, so good-

“Please,” Dan whispered, shaking with need, “get in me.”

Drew knew him so well that he could make him come in a hundred different ways. Dan loved every time he jerked him off, gave him head, fingered him or used on him any sex toy, but there were times, like now, when he absolutely needed to feel him inside. The satisfaction that derived from welcoming his man inside his body, experiencing his thickness, tightening around him to pleasure him, was mind-blowing to him. Dan wanted to be one with him, wanted him to get lost in him, to complete him.

Drew hesitated for a moment, and then tentatively touched his hole, making him whine in frustration. When he realized it was already slick and ready for penetration, Drew pressed his mouth against Dan’s tight and smiled widely.

He pushed his fingers in him and said, “At the hotel, you had prepared yourself for me. Love, I’m sorry I left you hanging.”

“Drew.” He moaned his name, unable to produce any consistent sentence.

Drew stood on his knees, lowered his trunks and took his own erection in his hand. He stroked himself as he took in the sight of him. Dan couldn’t see himself, but he had an idea how he looked like: swollen lips, misty eyes, flushed face, red marks all over his neck and chest, his hard length leaking against his stomach and his hole clenching around Drew’s fingers. He felt like a slut desperate for a fuck, and he probably looked it, too. He would have found humiliating to being seen in those conditions by any other person on Earth, but Drew was the exception. He had made him like this, and he was the only one who could sate his thirst.

Drew lifted his legs up and pushed inside.

Dan cried out as all his senses were converging around the place they were connected. Drew put it all in, until he was as deep as he could get. He pulled back and thrust in him once again, hitting his prostate and making his eyes roll in the back of his head. Dan’s body was aching, heat lingering in his lower stomach, pleasure rushing through his veins. In his life, he had had countless sexual partners, but it had never been so maddening intense before Drew.

Sometimes Drew went at it slowly, with strong, powerful thrusts like he was doing now. Sometimes he set a steady rhythm, some other times he let his most basic instincts take over and fucked him brutally into the mattress. Drew made love to him differently every single time, but it didn’t change how strong his sensations were when it came to him.

Dan muttered unintelligible words as Drew lost control over his thrusts and just took him, trying to get himself deeper, trying to plant himself in him and never get out.

“Want to come in you,” he whispered into his mouth. “Want to fill you up with my come so that you’ll leak it for hours.”

“Yes, please…” Dan begged him, his body already on the edge.

Drew stroked him fast, as he pounded furiously into him. He came with a groan, digging his nails into Drew’s back, holding onto him like a lifeline. When he regained consciousness of the world, Drew wasn’t moving anymore, but he was still deep inside him and he was kissing his neck tenderly.

He felt in heaven. Slowly his senses awakened, and he felt the cold rock against his back, he heard the sound of the waves and enjoyed the breeze on his skin. Drew’s weight on his body felt good in any possible way. Drew lazily propped himself on his elbows and pulled out. Dan felt heat leaking from his hole.

Before Drew, he hated body fluids. The rare times he had sex without a condom, his first after-sex thought was to clean himself up thoroughly. That habit had died soon enough when he started having sex with him. Drew had loved coming inside him since the very first time, and in the afterglow he would hug him like a teddy bear and cuddle him into oblivion. Dan could have kicked him out of bed to go clean himself any time, but soon he had become addicted to Drew’s cuddles and kisses, and he couldn’t bring himself to leave him. Moreover, there was a fucked-up part of him that adored having Drew’s semen in him. It made him feel vulnerable, loved, and his.

“I love you,” he whispered to Drew, who was contemplating his face as if he was the most precious thing in the word. Saying those three words was always emotionally challenging for him, so he usually waited for Drew to say them and then just replied that he loved him too. This time, he just had to say it first.

“I love you, Dan.” He caressed his face tenderly.They fell into a companionable silence for a little while, and then Drew added,“I have a theory.”

Dan smiled. “A theory?”

“I think God took a piece of this ocean and put it into your eyes, so that I could drown in you.”

Dan’s mouth fell open. If Drew didn’t have such a serious face, he would have laughed at him. But Drew was serious, and he loved how this man turned into a romantic softie for him.

“I like to think that I was born to love you,” he said then, his face turning hot from embarrassment.

Drew leaned in and kissed him.

“Happy first anniversary, love.”

“Happy anniversary, Drew.”

The end

Thank you for reading Fragment of blue.

You can find all 5 parts also in the “free fiction” section of my website 🙂

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