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Fragment of blue – part 2

Here we go with the second part of Fragment of Blue. Today we’ll learn something more about Dan and Drew’s relationship.

Genre: MM romance, yaoi
Warning: adult content, R18
Spoilers alert for the ending of Back in the rain.

Drew kissed him again, once again a chaste and sweet touch of his lips on his. Then, he started laughing.

“What’s so funny?” Dan was now awfully embarrassed. Was he making himself ridiculous?

“I remembered something,” Drew said, pressing his forehead against Dan’s. “Last year, when we first got together, a certain someone used to tell me that I was too lusty.”

Yes, that was him. One year together, and he had become so disgustingly besotted with Drew. Was it going to get even more intense between them? Was it even possible to want someone so desperately without being consumed by it?

“I don’t remember,” he lied.

“Your memory can be very selective sometimes.” Drew was smiling again and something ached in Dan’s heart as he looked at him.

That man had done anything for him during the past year. First of all, he literally took a bullet and risked his own life for him. When Dan suffered from panic attacks every single night and hyperventilated, Drew held him into his arms and helped him overcome the crisis. He sustained him when he went through therapy, and he listened carefully as he confessed him his fears and traumas. Sexually, he always put Dan’s pleasure first. Even when he came before him, he made sure to give him astonishing orgasms.

If Dan had to describe his life before his relationship with Drew, he would say that he was broken to pieces. Bruised — physically and mentally —, depressed and lonely, he was on the brink of suicide. He was alive now, because Drew had been by his side. Drew had looked into his eyes and told him he was beautiful. He had taught him not to be ashamed of his scars, he had kissed away his tears. He had forgiven his lies, and opened his heart to him.

Dan was grateful, so grateful for the love of this man, to the point he felt like crying.

Needless to say, he wasn’t over his problems yet. There were bad days in which his sense of guilt would eat him alive, in which his nightmares would haunt him and his body would remember all the pain he suffered. During those days, no sedative or drug could help him like Drew’s proximity.

Dan looped his arms around Drew’s neck and molded their mouths together. He moaned as his lover’s lips parted for him and he offered him his tongue. Dan sucked him in greedily, his mind blurring and his body aching. When — minutes or hours later — their kiss ended, he was breathless and warm. With his heart in his throat, he whispered, “I think I’m high off you. You must be the most powerful drug I’ve ever taken.”

Drew gave him a short laugh and took his hand in his, kissing it lightly. Fingers entwined, they headed back to the car.

Drew sat in the driver’s seat and while starting the car, he said, “I’m addicted to you too. Sean makes fun of me all the time because I smile stupidly every time you send me a message or call me.”

Dan had also caught himself doing that a few times. It was a relief that Drew did it too. “Maybe we’re still in our honeymoon phase and soon we’ll start fighting over the stupidest things.”

“Like leaving my shoes on our bedroom floor?”

Dan’s lips pursed into a straight line. “… Please, stop doing that.”

His eyes on the road, Drew remained silent for a little while, before saying, “Sometimes I get scared you’ll get tired of my sloppiness and leave me for some smarter, sexier man.”

“Sometimes I get scared you’ll get tired of my bitching and leave me for some nice, big-breasted girl.”

They looked at each other and laughed.

[part 3 online toworrow]

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