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Fragment of blue – part 1

As promised, this is the first part of my latest one-shot, Fragment of Blue.

Genre: MM romance, yaoi
Warning: adult content, R18
Spoilers alert for the ending of Back in the rain.

Enjoy your reading!

“I’ve been wanting to bring you here for a long time.”

Drew’s voice was low and quiet as he murmured those words in Dan’s ear, his arms wrapped around him as they looked at the wonderful landscape in front of them. The City of Pholis in the summer was stunning in its beauty. From the cliff on the side of the road, where they were taking a break from traveling, they were able to see the waves crashing on the rocky shore of the south coast. The water was crystal clear, shining with the reflection of the sunlight, and of an intense, multi-shaded blue. They were standing several yards above the sea, and yet they could see the reef with no effort at all. Dan breathed in the fresh morning air, closing his eyes and just enjoying what he was feeling; the delicate breeze on his face, Drew’s firm body behind him, so warm and comforting, strong arms holding him tightly, his lover’s breath on his neck.

His lover.

Dan found himself smiling at that thought. Looking for a word to define their relationship was always challenging for him, as nothing seemed to fit perfectly what they were for each other. Drew called him his boyfriend. He could be called his partner as well, but Dan rather liked the word lover instead.

The one I love. The one who loves me. The one I make love with.

God. Just standing on the side of a cliff doing nothing shouldn’t feel so good.

“Tired?” Drew asked him, fondness evident in his voice.

“No,” Dan said, turning around in Drew’s arms to look at his face. His green eyes were smiling at him, the corners of his lips turned up. Drew had always had a smile to die for; curious eyes, innocent look, and that mouth… perfect teeth and full and firm lips that were always so inviting. When Dan was a teenager, he used to dream about kissing those lips. The lips of his straight best friend whom he could never have. But he had him now, and sometimes he still couldn’t believe that Drew was finally his. His to kiss, bite, hug, fuck and spoil rotten.

The more Dan looked at Drew, the more he wanted him. Around him, on him, inside him.

I’ve got it so bad.

“What’s with that face?” Drew said, his eyes lingering on Dan’s lips.

“What face?” Dan asked, even though he was perfectly aware of the look he was giving him. He was hungry for him and he wasn’t ashamed to show it.

“The face you make when you want to suck my dick.”

“Well, I do want to suck your dick.”

Drew’s cheeks reddened slightly and he chuckled. He was so freaking adorable. Dan seriously thought about going down on him there, on the side of the road. Or maybe Drew could bend him over the car and-

Drew cleared his throat. “The dick in question is happy to hear that, but it’s literally not in a good position to get hard right now.”

“I told you these pants were too tight.”

“Okay, you were right. But stop trying to seduce me.”

“Or I could suck you off and solve the problem completely.”

Drew bit his own lip. He was tempted. “Love, you do know I’m gonna be a cop soon, right?”

“Then what?”

“Engaging in sexual activity in public is illegal. I don’t really need a charge for Public Indecency on my record. It’s already a mess as it is.”

“In public? There’s no one here.” Dan couldn’t believe his own words. Why was he insisting so much? Drew was right, and he understood it, rationally. He was acting like a horny teenager.

Get a grip. You’re 22 and perfectly able to control lust. You did it all your life.

Drew leaned in and kissed his scowling mouth delicately. “When we get to the hotel, I’ll make sure to fuck you so good and hard that you’ll scream my name.”

A rush of heat flushed Dan’s face.

[part 2 online toworrow]

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