No place like home

I came back to Florence yesterday, after taking a two-weeks vacation in my hometown.

Originally I was planning to update the blog regularly even though I was home, but I hadn’t considered how tired I would be after days of working, drawing and editing no-stop for my promotional video, so I ended up taking a break and doing a bunch of typical southern-Italy summer activities instead. Activities such as:

  • Eating whatever your mother puts in your plate until you look like a stuffed turkey;
  • Going to see aunts, uncles and cousins – you are expected to do that especially if somebody got married or had kids when you were away;
  • Eating your relatives’ homemade products (salsiccia, soppressata, cheese, goat cheese etc.);
  • Meeting the friends who still live there;
  • Having some good apertitivo with your friends (pizza, focaccia, sandwiches, mozzarella, eggplants parmigiana etc.);
  • Gossiping about those old classmates who got married/divorced or whatever;
  • Going to the beach, swimming and eating fresh seafood;
  • Going to the mountain, relaxing under the trees and eating a good panino with potatoes, salsiccia and cheese.

Now that I’m writing this, I realize that I probably spent half the time eating (lol).

Anyway, I managed to find the time to write something! Inspired by the amazing Calabrian sea, I wrote a 5000 words one-shot, that I’ll post with some pictures in the next days.

What can I tell you about it?

  1. The genre is as usual MM romance – yaoi;
  2. It’s r18. Heed the warning about the adult content;
  3. It will spoil the end of Back in the rain.

The title is: Fragment of blue

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    1. Thanks!! It’ll be online starting tomorrow. I divided it in 5 parts and I’ll upload one every day for 5 days 🙂 🙂

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