Something about my character design

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Working on the promotional video for my book Back in the rain, I spent weeks drawing the characters and some scenes from the book.

As I said already here, I’ve always loved drawing and give a face to my characters as soon as they started taking shape in my head. I don’t consider myself an artist, but drawing helps a lot my creative process!

As a reference for the poses I use websites such Pexels or Pixabay and the software DesignDoll. The look and the face traits of my characters are inspired mainly by my favorite doujinkas: Emi10rankai and Gusari.

It ain’t no secret that Dan and Drew, my main characters, are particularly inspired by Emi’s Sasuke and Naruto, even though Dan gives also some Nezumi-vibes (N.6).

I  love drawing them individually, but most of all I love drawing them together, trying to convey the stages of their relationship: wariness, nostalgia, tenderness, passion and love.

My female characters, on the other hand, are inspired by the wonderful illustrations by Mel Kishida, an artist that I discovered while playing the Arland trilogy of the Atelier series. Just because I mostly write about gay romance, it doesn’t mean that I hate my girls! On the contrary, I want them to grow as the story goes on and find their own happiness.

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