Not dead!

Yes, I’m still alive, even though the weather in Florence is currently… hell.

Recently, after I come back home from my 8-hours day job, I’ve been working non-stop on a few projects for the summer, and this is leaving me almost no time for the blog (forgive me plz T_T)

First of all, next week my book Back in the rain will be available for free on Amazon! To spread the word about it, I’m preparing a video to use as a sponsored post on Facebook. So far I had to:

  • find a copyright-free music to upload the video on YouTube
  • Browse hundreds of pictures on Pexels and Pixabay
  • Throw in the trash the pictures I selected because I decided to use my drawings instead
  • Draw. Draw. Draw.

As you can see, I’m the drawing phase now. Hopefully I’ll have enough material by the end of the week and I’ll spend the weekend editing.

Second project I’m working on: self-publish on Amazon my first short story A five-minute kiss.

Again, I hope I’ll survive this!

Stay tuned for new updates!!!

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