Backintherain, Free fiction

My first short story is online!

“A five-minutes kiss” is finally online here, entirely for free! It’s a 4-chapter short story that takes place in the same fictional world as Back in the rain.

The plan is to continue the story, making a part 2 (that I have in draft) and then maybe publish it on Amazon.

Genre: BL, drama, coming of age

Here’s the plot:

Liam hates his high school. Since he came out, three years ago, bullies have been tormenting him every day. The only place where he feels like he belongs is the school library, his sacred place, ignored by all the other students.
When one day his favorite seat in the library is stolen by Dan, the most popular boy in school, he knows exactly what he should do: tell him to get away from there and never come back.
Little does he know that the boy’s blue eyes will completely steal his soul…

Enjoy your reading!

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